2110 Transitional Bilingual Instruction Program

The Board has the highest commitment toward ensuring an equal educational opportunity for every student. While English is the basic language of instruction in the district's schools, the district shall provide a Transitional Bilingual Instruction Program for children whose primary language is not English, and whose English skills are sufficiently deficient or absent to impair learning. The district’s Transitional Bilingual Instruction Program is designed to enable students to achieve competency in English. Annually, the Board of Directors will approve the district’s Transitional Bilingual Instruction Program.
The district and its staff shall:
  1. Communicate, whenever feasible, with parents of students in the bilingual program in a language they can understand;
  2. Assess and determine, by means of a state approved placement test, student eligibility within 10 days of enrollment and attendance;
  3. Annually assess, by means of the state approved test, improvement in English language proficiency for each eligible English language learner;
  4. Provide professional development training for administrators, teachers, counselors, and other staff on the district’s bilingual instruction program, appropriate use of instructional strategies and assessment results, and curriculum and instructional materials for use with culturally and linguistically diverse students; and
  5. Provide for continuous improvement and evaluation of the district’s program to determine its effectiveness.
For purposes of providing such services, the superintendent shall establish procedures for implementing the district’s Transitional Bilingual Instruction Program.
Legal References:
RCW 28A.180.010/080 Transitional Bilingual Instructional Program
WAC 392-160 Transitional Bilingual Instruction Program
WAC 162-28-040 English language limitations and national origin discrimination
Adoption Date: 1/28/98
Franklin Pierce Schools
Revised: 7/27/04; 9/9/08; 5/26/09
Classification: Priority