1630P Procedure - Evaluation of the Superintendent

The Board of Directors believes the superintendent has the responsibility to provide the level of leadership that will ensure the maximum educational opportunity for children by constantly striving to improve the quality of instruction and staff performance.
The Board of Directors believes the superintendent has the responsibility to administer the Franklin Pierce School District in a cost efficient, productive, safe, and harmonious manner that reflects the policies established by the Board and the general attitudes and needs of the community.
The Board of Directors also believes the process of evaluating the superintendent’s performance is an important activity in the Board assuming that good leadership and management is being provided. The evaluation process between the superintendent and the Board shall be used to accomplish the following:
A. Review, clarify, and discuss the major short- and long-term goals for the district and for the superintendent.
B. Establish, clarify, and discuss the major functions, responsibilities, and roles of the superintendent and Board of Directors.
C. Establish and maintain good working relationships between the Board and the superintendent.
The Board of Directors believes evaluating the superintendent based on established goals developed and agreed upon by the superintendent and the Board is a more effective process for improving education in the district. Goals will be developed as follows:
A. Goals will be established and jointly agreed upon by the Board and superintendent prior to September 15 each year.
B. Evaluation of the superintendent will be based only upon agreed goals; no other checklists or criteria will be added or brought into the evaluation process.
The superintendent will provide the Board with a narrative of progress toward the implementation and completion of his/her goals at the time of the mid-year and end-of-year reports. The superintendent will present the information in a timely manner prior to any joint meeting(s).
The Board of Directors will provide a written narrative of their evaluation of the progress toward completion and accomplishment of the superintendent’s goals. An official copy will be provided to the superintendent and the district’s permanent record.
Date: 5/14/02
Revised: 9/11/07; 5/13/08