1112 Director Orientation

The Board will help newly-elected or appointed directors to understand the policies and procedures of the Board. To facilitate this process, new directors will be provided with:
· WSSDA publications (e.g., Evaluation of School Personnel, Parliamentary Procedure)
· Goals for the school district and strategic plan, if developed
· Board policies and administrative procedures
· Student rights, responsibilities, and conduct
· District staff handbook
· Student and staff handbooks from individual schools
· Collective bargaining agreements
· School budget
· Financial status reports (most recent copies)
· Board minutes (past year)
· Achievement test results
The superintendent will assist each new director in the review of these materials and will review the role and function of the various administrators employed by the district. The superintendent will also clarify, as per district policy, how to (1) arrange for visits of school or administrative offices, (2) request information regarding school operations, (3) respond to a complaint concerning staff or program, and (4) handle confidential information.
Directors will be encouraged to attend meetings, workshops, and conferences to increase their knowledge and competencies.
Adoption Date: 5/8/84
Franklin Pierce Schools
Revised: 10/14/97; 5/13/08
Classification: Optional