1105 Electoral System - Director Districts

Division or Re-division of District into Director Districts under 28A.343.040
It is the responsibility of the Board of Directors to establish the electoral system used for electing board members.
The Board of Directors, with the assistance of district administration, the educational service district, the state redistricting commission, and consultants (e.g., attorneys, demographic experts, etc.) as appropriate, will prepare for the division or redivision of the district into director districts no later than eight months after any of the following:
  1. Receipt of federal decennial census data from the redistricting commission;
  2. Consolidation of the district with one or more other districts into one district;
  3. Transfer of territory to or from the district or dissolution and annexation of the district; or
  4. Approval by a majority of the district's registered voters of a proposition to divide the district into director districts pursuant to RCW 28A.343.030.
The districting or redistricting plan shall be adopted according to the procedure established under RCW 29A.76.010.
Authority under Washington Voting Rights Act
The district will ensure that its voting system does not impair the ability of a protected class or classes, as defined by the Washington Voting Rights Act, to have an equal opportunity to elect candidates of their choice as a result of the dilution or abridgment of the rights of voters who are members of a protected class or classes.
To remedy a potential violation of the Washington Voting Rights Act, the district may change its electoral system, which may include, but is not limited to, implementing director districts.
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Adoption Date: 04/27/93
Franklin Pierce Schools
Revised: 05/14/02; 05/13/08; 9/13/11; 3/8/16; 03/10/20
Classification:  Encouraged