1250P Procedure - Students on Governing Boards

A.   Selection and Term of Office
Student representative candidates will be selected by their respective student bodies and and staff, and submitted for review by the Board of Directors. When the current position will become vacant the following school year, selection of student representatives should occur in the spring of the current year at the two comprehensive high schools and no later than September of the new school year at GATES High School. Each selected student representative will serve a one-year term (if incoming senior) or two-year term (if incoming junior) beginning in July and concluding in June.
New student representatives will receive an orientation session provided by the superintendent (or designee) and a member of the Board of Directors.
In the event a vacancy arises prior to the expiration of the term, an alternate student representative from the same school will be appointed by the school to fill the vacancy for the current term.
B.   Student Representative Qualifications
Student representatives must:
  • Be a junior or senior during their term of appointment.
  • Be in good academic standing prior to and during their term of appointment that is equivalent to requirements for participation in athletics or other student activities.
  • Maintain standards of behavior aligned with participation in student activities.
  • Attend their designated high school at least three periods a day, or develop a plan approved by their Associated Student Body advisor to ensure that they remain engaged with the student body throughout the school year while participating in offsite instruction.
  • Be willing to convey student opinion to the Board and report Board deliberations and actions to the student body.
C.   Responsibilities
Student representatives will follow all the rules and regulations pertaining to Board directors. Student representatives will receive copies of all regular meeting agendas, minutes, and other relevant information, excluding executive session and closed session/private meeting materials. Student representatives will attend Board meetings each month and convey student opinion to the Board and report Board deliberations and actions to the student body.
Student representatives are also responsible for communicating with their Associated Student Body (ASB) Executive Board and student body. School sites have the discretion to add the Student School Board Representative as an officer to their ASB Executive Board.
The Franklin Pierce School Board of Directors may remove a student representative during their term if they become ineligible or fail to fulfill their responsibilities.
D.   Preferential Voting Status
Preferential voting rights give a student representative to the Board the right to vote before the official vote of the governing Board. The student representative’s vote does not count toward the final numerical outcome of the vote but must be recorded in the meeting minutes. This procedural order is intended to ensure that student representatives' opinions are taken into account before a Board vote.
Date: 05/10/22
Revised: 07/05/22; 6/20/23