1731 Board Member Expenses

The actual and necessary expenses of a director, administrator, staff member, or designee of the district incurred in the course of performing services for the district, whether within or outside of the district, may be reimbursed in accordance with the approval and reimbursement procedures of the district. For purposes of this policy, travel expense includes amounts paid for use of personal automobiles, other transportation, and actual expenses or reimbursement in lieu of actual expenses for meals, lodging, and related items that are necessary while in the conduct of official business of the district.
Cross References:
Board Policy 6213 Reimbursement for Travel
Board Policy 6212 Charge Card
Legal References:
RCW 28A.320.050 Reimbursement of expenses — Advancing anticipated expenses
RCW 43.03.170 Advance warrants — Issuance — Limitations
Adoption Date: 5/22/90
Franklin Pierce Schools
Revised: 4/22/97; 5/13/08
Classification: Optional