Reopening Workgroups

Earlier this spring, Governor Inslee ordered the closure of all school buildings in Washington State for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year. School districts across the state are currently working with OSPI and local public health officials to determine a safe and healthy way to approach learning in Fall 2020. OSPI’s recently released Reopening Washington Schools 2020, outlining considerations for reopening schools in the fall yet health and policy experts continue to tell school officials to plan for a continuum of options ranging from full remote learning to in-person instruction with safety and health precautions in place.

Franklin Pierce Schools will move forward in the planning process in collaboration with other school districts in our region, while paying careful attention to evolving guidance from OSPI, the Department of Health and the Tacoma Pierce County Health Department. Over the next eight weeks, several workgroups will initiate planning for the 2020-2021 school year:

  • Health and Safety (DOH guidance, safety protocols, health screening, health guidelines, etc.; Co-Leaders: Brandy Marshall and Katie Gillespie)
  • Nutrition Services (Remote and in-person breakfast and lunch delivery; Leader: Karen Brown)
  • Transportation (Bus usage and protocols in accordance with health and safety guidelines; Leader: Tim Bridgeman)
  • Facilities (Facility usage, sanitization and utilization in accordance with health and safety guidance; Leader: Doug VanderLeest
  • Teaching and Learning (Early learning, elementary, middle school, high school; Co-leaders John Sander and Carolyn Treleven)
  • Wellness (SEL, athletics, mental health, etc.; Co-leaders: Tom Edwards and James Hester)
  • Family and Community Engagement (Family support, community resources, communication; Co-leaders: Claudia Miller and Joel Zylstra)

Each workgroup will include staff representatives from across the district and include input from student and community stakeholders. Workgroups will draw on previous experiences from school building closures in Spring 2019, family and staff surveys, and best practices from other school districts. Workgroups will work to center guidelines around the experiences of students and families, while considering budgetary impacts.

Guiding Questions (Adapted from the Racial Equity Lens Tool):
  • Who are the groups (race, ethnicity, gender, language, housing status, ability, income, etc.) that will be impacted by this decision? What are the potential impacts on these groups?
  • Does this decision ignore or worsen existing disparities or produce other unintended consequences?
  • How have you intentionally involved stakeholder groups who are also members of the communities affected by this decision?
  • What are the barriers to more equitable outcomes?
  • How will you mitigate the impacts and address the barriers identified above?
Draft Timeline
  • June 19: Send invitations to team members
  • June 23: Confirm team membership
  • June 26: Send out overview of workgroup goals and guiding questions
  • June 29-August 21: Workgroups meet every 1-2 weeks.
  • July 17-24: Community Survey
  • July 31: Draft of Fall 2020 Learning Plan
  • Early August: Sign up for Fall 2020 Learning models
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