COVID Learning

Proposed Fall 2020 Learning Model
As you can imagine, planning for the 2020-2021 school year is complicated. We are simultaneously managing our absolute commitment to health and safety guidelines, our desire to have in-person instruction as much as possible and the need to identify scenarios that minimize the burden placed on families. While there are still many unknowns, we envision an option for full remote learning for students with medical conditions that prevent them from attending school, and a hybrid learning model where students would attend school 2-4 days/week and participate in remote learning on the other days. We recognize that different students have different needs, particularly our youngest learners, English language learners, and students that participate in special education programs. Until we are able to safely return to full-time in-person learning, we will work to develop models that will address these unique learning needs while maintaining a safe learning environment and considering the ways that these scenarios impact families. 
Choice #1 - Hybrid learning
This option includes 2-4 days of in-person education with class assignments, due dates, attendance, and grading, and will include significant accommodations to reduce possible transmission of COVID-19 including social distancing, face coverings, and modifications to the on-site school schedule.  During the days when students are not learning in-person, students will participate in remote learning. Following the guidance of the Tacoma Pierce County Health Department on July 23, 2020, FPS is postponing this option until a later time.
Choice #2 - Full remote learning
This option will include assignments, due dates, attendance, grading, and an increase in expectations, accountability, and support different from what was offered in the spring during “Continuous Learning.” Full remote learning will align with what will occur in the classrooms. Families choosing this option will be required to commit to remote learning for a set period of time, to be determined (by the semester or trimester).