Plan for Historic Collins

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In 2016, the Franklin Pierce community passed a $157 million dollar bond to replace five elementary schools and add/improve several facilities throughout the district. The five elementary schools chosen for replacement were selected due to their age, overall condition, the costs associated with repairing them, and their systems capacity to support staff and students. To better accommodate 500+ students and better address traffic, space and zoning restrictions, Collins Elementary was moved approximately 1 mile west on 128th St.

Franklin Pierce Schools intends to preserve Historic Collins Elementary School with modest upgrades that will maximize the use of the building, minimize ongoing maintenance costs, and provide improved space for important district education programs.

Proposed next steps:
  • Reduce the building occupancy from 500 students to 175 students to align facility usage with the building's systems capacity
  • Relocate GATES High School from its current campus consisting of 13 portable classrooms near Brookdale Elementary to the north wing of the Historic Collins Complex
  • Relocate the Franklin Pierce Schools Community-Based Transition program currently housed in several locations around the district to the south wing of the Historic Collins Complex

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Proposed Site Plan

GATES High School: 125 Students

FPS Transition Program: 50 Students

Historic Collins Complex Proposed Floor Plan:2020 Proposed Floor Plan.pdf