Capital Projects

Building our Future

Our community's $157 million investment in Franklin Pierce Schools will impact our kids, our schools and our community. Building our Future is not only about building buildings, but about developing facilities that help build learners that contribute to the world, build schools that facilitate high-quality public education, and build community by instilling a sense of pride and connectivity.

Bond Overview

In 2016, Franklin Pierce residents voted to approve a $157 million bond measure to improve facilities across the district. Voters made clear throughout the process that the district should prioritize investment in safety and security, affordable upgrades in elementary schools and projects that serve a wide variety of student, staff and community needs. Bond projects will be completed between 2017 and 2023.

Our Approach

An FPS 2030 Committee met for three years prior to the passing of the 2016 bond in order to articulate the priorities of future projects. The group committed to a community-driven process that sought input from stakeholders throughout the community. 2030 members articulated a desire to facilitate projects that prioritize safety, fiscal responsibility and operational efficiency.

Completed Projects

In Progress