Emergency Information

Schedule Changes

In the event of an emergency, Franklin Pierce School District may change the scheduled start times. The following are types of schedule changes that may occur:

Two Hours Late:
Schools will be open and buses will begin their routes two hours late at regularly scheduled stops.

Schools Closed:
No schools will be in session in the Franklin Pierce School District. This applies only to the day that the announcement is made. No transportation will be provided to the schools. The district will communicate whether evening or after-school activities will be held.

Limited Bus Transportation:
Schools will be open, but there will be limited transportation, buses will stop at regular stops with an exception of the determined routes.

Evening Activities Canceled:
The district has determined that conditions are not suitable for evening or after-school activities to be held.

No Announcement: Schools will conduct their normal schedules.


In the event of an emergency such as inclement weather, an earthquake, a threat to campus, or other events, Franklin Pierce School District will work quickly to notify parents and guardians.

We will communicate emergency information to parents through:

• Automated phone calls. Please provide your school with current telephone numbers.

• Announcements on district and school websites.

• Announcements on social media. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

• Announcements on TV and Radio. Please tune in to the following local TV and radio stations: KIRO 97.3 FM and KOMO 1000 AM, and KIRO TV Channel 7, KOMO TV Channel 4, and KING TV Channel 5.