Family Engagement Office

The Office of Family Engagement partners with students, families, and community organizations to:
• Empower students and their families to actively participate in their education;
• Provide resources and support to students, families, and staff in times of need; and
• Support a variety of district programs that help eliminate potential barriers to the academic success of all Franklin Pierce students.

Another primary goal of the Office of Family Engagement is to lead the district’s efforts in creating an equity plan. More information will be coming soon.

The Office of Family Engagement provides support to the following programs:

Homeless Students and Families
Homeless students can be provided resources and support under the McKinney-Vento Act. Click HERE for more information.

Students in Foster Care
The Foster Care Education Program focuses on improving and promoting educational outcomes for children and youth in foster care. The Foster Care Liaison collaborates and partners with child welfare agencies, families, and communities to ensure foster care students receive equitable learning opportunities, special services, and supports when appropriate and necessary to help them be academically successful.

For additional questions and inquiries about services and support to foster care students, please contact: 

Foster Care District Liaison

Claudia Miller, Family Engagement Coordinator
(253) 298-3036

Equity and Diversity
Information coming soon.

Students and Families in Need of Resources
The district partners with many community organizations to help provide resources to students and families in need. Click on the links below for more information.
Franklin Pierce Youth First! Resource Poster
Pierce County Crisis Line and Support Groups
Housing- Coordinated Entry Services
DSHS Services
FISH Food Bank
• Northwest Immigrant Rights Project
Pierce County - Fair Housing Resources
Lindquist Dental Clinic

This is not an exhaustive list of the resources available in our community. For additional and specific resources, please contact the Office of Family Engagement:

Claudia Miller
Family Engagement Coordinator
Phone: 253-298-3036
Fax: 253-298-3015