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Flight Team Crisis Recovery


While we all hope that a tragedy or traumatic incident will never impact our community, Franklin Pierce Schools are prepared with a range of emergency response plans and services. Traumatic events could include a death, accident, natural disaster, or incident that significantly disrupts the normal school day. These events can lead to strong emotions, difficulty coping or concentrating, and physical reactions which disrupt the educational focus of a school.

Franklin Pierce Schools has provided specialized crisis recovery training to a team of school counselors, psychologists, and social workers. If a grief or crisis situation impacts our schools, the Flight Team will support the emotional recovery of students and staff to minimize the impact of the event, support healthy coping strategies, and enable to the school to more quickly resume the business of teaching. The Flight Team may provide guidance to building administrators, support to staff, and/or direct services to students impacted by the situation.

 Following a crisis situation, the Flight Team can be available to support students through:

o   Small group counseling, whole class support, or facilitation of Safe Rooms to process the event

o   Individual support to impacted students

o   Identify highly impacted persons for more intensive support

o   Offer resources and referrals, as needed

o   Other supports as requested


Parents will be notified of situations that significantly impact their child’s school. When a child is impacted by an event, in collaboration with school personnel, counselors and guardians support will be offered for those who are seeking additional assistance. 

For questions or to report an issue of concern, please contact Franklin Pierce School’s Safety and Security Manager at (253) 298-3000.


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