District farm vegetables served in student meals

District farm vegetables served in student meals
Posted on 09/20/2017
salads served at Keithley Middle School

Fresh, locally grown produce harvested from the district farm on 96th and Waller Road is making its way into school meals! Students from the district have field trips to the farm throughout the school year to learn about farming and assist with the different stages of vegetable production. The farm also benefits greatly from a partnership with Harvest Pierce County's Veggie Co-op which coordinates community volunteers who assist in the farm's operation.

Salads were served at Keithley Middle School. Nutrition Services staff used the spring greens to make chicken caesar salad.

Veggies in a cup were served at Ford Middle School. The tomatoes were reportedly a favorite among the students!

Produce from the farm will continue to be served in schools throughout the district as long as there is still produce to harvest.