Unplanned Calendar Change: No School Friday, May 8

Unplanned Calendar Change: No School Friday, May 8
Posted on 05/05/2015
revised calendar

Please note an important change in this week’s school calendar: Due to an unforeseen circumstance, there is no school for all students in Franklin Pierce Schools on Friday, May 8.  

The Washington Education Association (WEA) is coordinating walkouts of teachers from some school districts to get attention about lawmakers’ failure to comply with the McCleary decision and state Supreme Court mandate to provide ample funding for K-12 education.

Some teachers’ associations throughout Washington State have voted to participate. The Franklin Pierce Education Association voted on Monday evening, May 4 to join the walkout on Friday, May 8. Therefore, Franklin Pierce Schools will not be able to hold school on Friday, May 8.  

Friday, May 8 is now a no school day. Similar to an unplanned snow day, this day will need to be made up. In order to make up this non-school day, the last day of school in Franklin Pierce Schools has been changed from Friday, June 19 to Monday, June 22. A revised calendar reflecting this change has been posted to the district website at www.fpschools.org.

Regarding after-school activities or evening events on May 8: Your school will be in communication with affected students and families if particular after-school events and activities will require rescheduling. 

Please know this labor walkout is beyond the control of Franklin Pierce Schools, and yet we are so sorry for the inconvenience this may cause.  

This isn’t about our school district, but is an effort by teachers’ associations to influence the Legislature. We agree that lawmakers have failed to fully fund K-12 education for too many years. The walkout is a political strategy that teachers’ associations are choosing to use.  

A letter will be sent home with students on Tuesday, May 5. To read a copy of the letter, please CLICK HERE.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.