16 FPHS students accepted to University of Washington-Tacoma

16 FPHS students accepted to University of Washington-Tacoma
Posted on 03/02/2015
Pathways to PromiseEarlier this school year, Franklin Pierce Schools signed a Pathways to Promise agreement with the University of Washington-Tacoma. The agreement allows Franklin Pierce School District graduates to automatically be accepted as freshmen at the University of Washington-Tacoma if they meet agreed upon admission requirements:

1. Meet minimum course requirements;
2. Graduate with a 2.7 or higher cumulative grade point average;
3. Score 480 or higher on each section of the SAT or 21 or higher on the ACT;
4. Submit a complete application including a well-written personal statement; and
5. Enroll at UW Tacoma immediately following their senior year.

16 students from Franklin Pierce High School were honored by the University of Washington to be among the school's first students to be accepted into the UW-T through the Pathways to Promise partnership. Not all 16 students have confirmed their decision to attend the UW-T, but all 16 now know that the UW-T is one of their options as they wait to hear back from other universities.

Furthermore, some of these 16 students also signed up for the College Bound program just prior to entering high school. Under the College Bound program, they have met the minimum requirements to receive full tuition funding. To be eligible for the College Bound scholarship, students must enroll during their 7th or 8th grade year, come from a low-income household, graduate with a 2.0 GPA or higher, and be a good citizen including not committing a felony. (For more information about the College Bound program, visit www.ReadySetGrad.org.)

"The Pathways to Promise partnership and encouraging eligible students to sign-up for the College Bound scholarship are two of several ways that we are conveying to students and their parents that if they work hard, post-secondary education is attainable," said Dr. Frank Hewins, Superintendent.

Congratulations to Franklin Pierce High School's first cohort of Pathways to Promise college admittance recipients: Alyssa Biddle, Hannah Bowdish, Krisna Chan, Julian Chhouy, Trenton Gardner, Alexa Grant, Hana Hossein Khan, Meraisha Larsen, Christine Lee, Emily Lewis, Vanessa Navarro, Alicia Rasmey, Sarah Smith, Brooke Ulmer, Felicia Williams, and Lindsay Wilshaw!