2017 Elementary Honor Choir

The Honor Choir of Franklin Pierce Schools performed at their annual concert on March 16, 2017 at Trinity Lutheran Church in Parkland, WA. This is "Song of Peace" by Teresa Jennings. This version was directed by Mike Byrd, and accompanied by Cara Reese.

What's Happening

School Day
April 28 - School in Session
We will have school on Friday, April 28.
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34 Cardinals admitted to CWU
Congratulations to the 34 seniors from Franklin Pierce High School who were admitted to Central Washington University! 11 have already confirmed their enrollment as a CWU Wildcat for next school year!
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WHS students admitted to PLU
22 Patriots admitted to PLU
Congratulations to the 22 seniors from Washington High School who have been admitted to Pacific Lutheran University!
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Superintendent's Message

April / May 2017
The U.S. system of public education teaches more, helps more, achieves more, and still gets criticized more than any system in any country in the world. One of the factors that make our system the cornerstone of our democracy is the free access all children have to an education. This access is not limited to only those who pay, as it is in many countries. This access is not limited to those with transportation, or to those who can afford uniforms, or lunch, or even a home. It is not limited to those who speak English or those without special physical, emotional, behavioral, or intellectual needs. We take all comers and offer them a free education for 13 years of their life!
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