Central Avenue Elementary

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Central Avenue Elementary school, built in 1927, is the oldest school in the district. Central Avenue will be rebuilt to upgrade infrastructure and improve learning environments for students.

Location: 4505 104th St E, Tacoma, Washington 98446

Central Avenue Elementary will address the need for an improved and modernized infrastructure. The new Central Avenue will be constructed by a prototype design, meaning that it will be based around the same size and layout of the other replacement schools, but will keep its individuality. The new building will be an estimated 50,000* square feet and will be designed to accommodate approximately ~500 students in grades K-5.

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Square Footage: 50,000*

Capacity: 500 students

• New Digital Readerboard**

• New Security System**


*Subject to Change


Director of Communications Willie Painter: wpainter@fpschools.org


Executive Director of Support Services Robin Heinrichs: rheinrichs@fpschools.org


Construction Project Updates

August 2017 Architects and the school advisory group have met to provide input to the design team on the educational specifications for the new school.
September 2017
The site has been surveyed. Educational Specifications (Ed. Spec.) are near completion. Architects will present sketches at the end of Ed. Spec. planning. Street improvements are under review.
October 2017
Coming soon.