2018 Levy Info.

What do these levies provide?

Levy list
Levy List 2

What will the two levy measures cost?

Both the Educational Programs & Operations and the Technology Levies have proposed rates that WILL NOT EXCEED actual 2017 rates.

Proposition 1 Tax Chart

Proposition 2 Tax Chart

Are these two measures new taxes?

No. The proposed levies replace the four-year Educational Programs & Operations and Technology Levies that expire in 2018. The proposed rates WILL NOT EXCEED actual 2017 rates. The proposed rates are NOT AN INCREASE.

Doesn’t Washington State provide enough funding for schools?

The State of Washington provides about 65% of the funding needed to operate local schools. Approximately 15% comes from federal revenues and other sources. The remaining 20% comes from voter approved levies. So, while the funding provided by the state is significant, it does not cover the operating costs school districts need.

Doesn’t McCleary v. Washington require that the state of Washington fully fund basic education?

In January 2012, the Washington State Supreme Court upheld a lower court’s ruling that basically said that the state of Washington is not fully funding basic education required by the Washington State Constitution, and that the Washington State Legislature has to increase funding to fully meet basic education expenses by 2018. While the Legislature has made progress towards fully funding basic education, the requirement to fully fund basic education expenses has not yet been fully met. School districts throughout the state of Washington still depend on local levies to cover a portion of basic education expenses.

Are there certain homeowners exempt from paying property tax assessments?

Yes, Washington State law provides exemptions for certain senior citizens and disabled persons. For more information about this, please see the Pierce County Assessor Treasurer’s website at http://bit.ly/L719lR or call 253-798-2169.

Who do I call with questions or concerns?

Please contact Public Information Officer Willie Painter at (253) 405-5684 or wpainter@fpschools.org.