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Franklin Pierce counselors and educators have created a model for teaching students the skills they need to chart their own course through elementary, middle and high school, post-secondary education and adult life. The system also keeps parents involved in the decisions their teens are making. These changes have had profound impact on student motivation and willingness to take on more challenging coursework.

The Navigation 101 program is a part of a larger K-12 comprehensive guidance program that is structured after the American School Counseling Association’s “National Model Framework for School Counseling Programs” and “Developing & Managing Your School Guidance Program”- Gysbers & Henderson.

The Navigation 101 downloads on this web page are provided to assist school districts as they develop their model. We ask that you do not alter the Dr. Susan Quattrociocchi “Parent Tips” sheets.

Happiness Factors Chart

Parent Tips 

Kindergarten         1st Grade          2nd Grade

3rd Grade           4th Grade          5th Grade

6th Grade - part 1        6th Grade - part 2

For more information regarding Navigation 101 implementation at Franklin Pierce Schools, please contact Sly Boskovich at (253) 298-3807.

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